Faith in Unexpected Places

I attended a large trade show last week in Indianapolis (hence why there are no postings for that time). Amidst the busyness of buying and learning, the corporation that organizes and hosts this twice-yearly trade show never forgets who their real and ultimate boss is. Since the trade show runs from Saturday to Tuesday, without fail each show, they always bring the “church to the convention center” on Sunday mornings. As always, there were quite a number of people who attended the service on Sunday morning.

Time and time again as I have traveled through a fair deal of what is known as the Bible-belt in the United States, I am impressed and in awe of how people are not afraid to live out- unapologetically- their faith. It’s within the large corporations that I am most truly amazed and inspired. At one corporation, don’t even try to find any staff members between 9:15 and 9:30; they are all gathered in the break-out room for morning prayers. At another corporation which hosts a large executive meeting every year, one of the invited corporations always holds a prayer breakfast meeting which includes a Christian speaker who address issues of faith and the corporate workplace. At another organization, I was invited to take part in the prayers before lunch.

Why are we so ashamed of bowing our heads or holding hands in prayer in public places such as restaurants? Great lessons can be learned from our brothers and sisters south of the boarder.


“From inside the fish Jonah prayed to the Lord his God.” (Jonah 2:1)

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