The Girl Behind the Scenes

Who is the girl behind the blog?

Her name is Valerie and she is excited about life!

True to her identity as a “blender child”, Valerie was born to a Filipina mom and a French Canadian dad. She was raised a Catholic, grew up in a Jewish neighbourhood, lived with a Muslim family, represented the Lutheran church locally and internationally at a non-governmental organization, and lived within a Buddhist community. Only this past summer did she finally get serious about having a genuine and loving relationship with God.

Never one to pass up a challenge or an opportunity, she has lived for both work and studies in Spain, Japan, Switzerland, and Indonesia. She has not only lived in those countries but has immersed herself within those respective cultures. As a result, she currently speaks 6 languages and her goal is to reach 10 languages. At present, Valerie resides in Canada and enjoys the change of the four seasons.

An entrepreneur in a traditionally male dominated field, Valerie frequently travels throughout the United States for business. She works almost as many hours as she logs in air miles! Despite her hectic schedule, she still manages to find time to work on completing her Masters degree in Distance Education and volunteering her time for various organizations.

Valerie enjoys leading retreats, giving presentations and keynote speeches to corporations and organizations, presenting training workshops, and sharing about her overseas experiences. She currently derives great satisfaction from “teaching” 18 month olds to 3 years olds at church on Sundays and is humbled to serve the littlest of the community.

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